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Freelancing is a skill that can be learned and mastered by anyone.

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About the book

Learning how to get gigs — the economic reality in the gig economy — is the new survival skill of our times. Technological change is a disruptive force, and many jobs today are changing or disappearing entirely. Freelancers who can adapt and respond to the new opportunities being created will emerge as winners in this new gig economy. But how do you become a freelancer? There’s no university degree in freelancing, and jumping in cold can be exhilarating but also disorienting. Julian Haber’s book Gigonomics: A Field Guide for Freelancers in the Gig Economy will guide you on your path to becoming a prosperous freelancer.

Designed to show you how to start small, quickly and right now, this book is packed with practical advice for launching your freelance career. Topics covered include:

  • How to think like a freelancer about time, money and work
  • How to find a steady stream of new clients (and hold on to the ones you have)
  • How to sell — and keep on selling
  • How to network effectively offline and in the real world
  • How to use technology to market, be found and be chosen

While the creative domains have long been filled with freelancers, the future of freelancing will see many more professions convert to contract work. You may be:

  • a new graduate, looking for ways to build up a professional reputation and start putting your education to work;
  • a first-time freelancer setting out to conquer the world;
  • an older or displaced worker looking to leverage your experience and skills or build a second career;
  • a recovering corporate warrior with a new outlook on life, looking for ways to parlay your contacts into rewarding contracts;
  • a recent immigrant, highly trained but having trouble breaking into the traditional job market;
  • or a seasoned freelancer just looking for some fresh ideas.

What They Say

“Julian Haber has brilliantly put together an essential guide for anyone looking at embarking on a freelance career. Gigonomics provides essential knowledge to help keep the self motivated professional on task and on track to freelance success.”

Freelance music producer/engineer, Owner of Stonehouse Sound

“Finally! Haber has written the end all be all, comprehensive resource to not just survive, but thrive in the gig economy. “Gigonomics: A Field Guide for Freelancers in the Gig Economy,” provides a roadmap for navigating not only the technical and fundamental aspects of freelancing but the mindset required to adapt and succeed in this new world of work. Whether you find yourself forced out of a traditional work situation or you are looking for a fun (and potentially lucrative) side hustle, do yourself a favour and buy this book!”

Founder, the moneycoach.com; co-host, Slash Podcast

“Haber knows all the tricks free-lancers need to survive our uncertain times.”

Novelist, freelance translator & editor

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While the model of long-term employment and job stability is collapsing, the barriers to entry in starting your own business have never been lower.

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About the Author


Julian Haber has been working in the gig economy as a Montreal-based freelance photographer/writer for the past fifteen years serving clients throughout Canada and around the world. Along the way he has embarked on several side hustles including building a coconut water distribution network; importing organic shade-grown coffee from Chiapas; selling online ads for North America’s biggest motorcycle guide; writing liner notes for nature sound CDs; co-founding an indie art startup; installing insulation; and producing corporate videos. He loves to travel, brew and drink hoppy beer, and has a current fascination with Haruki Murakami novels.


Between working shifts as a janitor in a hospital he managed to graduate from McGill University with enough knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese to successfully find work as an adventure tour guide and lead hapless tourists around for weeks at a time through the jungles of Peru without killing any of them. Missing the frozen darkness of Canadian winters, he fled eco-tourism for a job in the 17th century promoting the Canadian fur trade. Finally realizing his course in life was still unclear, he gave up and went back to school for an MBA. Luckily, this too proved another misdirection until he stumbled his way into freelancing and finally found his way into a purposeful, highly satisfying career that brings not only financial rewards, time freedom, and meaningful work, but perhaps the most important reward of all – a happy, fulfilling life. So he wrote a book about it. With Gigonomics: A Field Guide for Freelancers in the Gig Economy, he’s created a thoughtful, highly readable, step-by-step guide to help first-time freelancers, regardless of age or professional background, learn how to gig and keep on gigging.